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Automatic MP3 Music Organizer

Automatic MP3 Music Organizer - is a full automatic mp3 music organizer
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Automatic Music Organizing
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23 September 2007

Editor's review

Have a lot of music files? Don’t know what to do with them? Most of them are named as tracks rather than the actual song or composition name? Don’t feel like sorting them or renaming them as that could be quite a hassle? Do not fret! Just run them through the Automatic MP3 Music Organizer.

The software will sort and rename all your favorite music, irrespective of the file format, for you in no time at all as it supports a number of music file formats, including mp3, ID3v1,ID3V2, ID3v3, wav, and wma. It also supports other media files, such as movie files. The software will not just sift through your music files, organizing them in the process, but also rename them according to the content and place them in appropriate folders so that the next time you want to listen to your favorite track you do not need to keep searching through a number of folders and play many not wanted songs before you find the right one. Moreover, the Automatic MP3 Music Organizer is so easy that even if you are not a techie, you will be able to gain the most of it without any hassles. Further, the Step-by-step Wizards that keep appearing on the screen will guide you through the entire file organizing process and show you that sorting through your music files is not as cumbersome as you think it to be; in fact, it is really easy and quick. Further, you can customize the entire file sorting and organizing process to suit your requirements such that you have your music exactly as you want it. It even recognizes duplicate tracks and deletes them for you, thus ensuring that no unnecessary disk space is used by your music.

The software also sorts archive files for you in a completely automatic mode and thereby gets rid of the necessity of extracting the files. It deserves a 4 star rating since by one click and you have the Automatic MP3 Music Organizer sorting all your music for you in no time at all.

Publisher's description

Automatic MP3 Music Organizer - is easy to use mp3 music organizer, which will organize all music on your computer.
What is the main in this music organizer? Easy to install - Easy to start - Easy to get your music collection organized in perfect order.
Key features:
· Easy to use. All your music files will me organized in a minutes even if you never used mp3 music organizers before.
· User-friendly. Step by step wizards help you specify fast and easy, how your music should be organized.
· Flexible. Music may be organized in the variety of different ways and you can select music organizing method, which perfectly fit to your needs.
· HUNDREDS of supported music types. With support of MP3 ID3v1, ID3v2, ID3v3, WMA, OGG and hundreds of other music formats all your music will be organized in full automatic mode. No hand work - all is done by mp3 music organizer.
· Duplicates control. All duplicate music records will be removed automatically.
· Archives support. A lot of music records, that you get from internet or share with others are packed in ZIP and RAR archives. Such music also will be organized in full automatic mode - you do not need to extract these archives and find out, what is inside.
· Photo, movie and documents support. Not only mp3 music will be organized - automatic organizer also will organize all your photo, movie and office documents.
· Custom files support. Also may be organized custom files of all other types using intelligent content detection system.
· Full automatic. Just start it and it will organize all your music, how you want and when you want.
That’s why Automatic MP3 Music Organizer is needed for everyone, who has music.
No matter if you have thousands of music records, no matter if all they are messed or packed in archives, no matter if you already don’t know what and where is located - Automatic MP3 Music Organizer will organize them all and all your music become in the perfect order.
Automatic MP3 Music Organizer
Automatic MP3 Music Organizer
Version 2.75
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